We’re excited to launch #lacelesschallenge, a competition that aims to challenge the way we design, engage with and produce footwear. Our vision is to put the community at the centre of the design process to produce truly open source footwear.


The designer of the chosen concept will win the ultimate footwear development experience, with industry professionals helping you every step of the way to create your own shoe and ensure your vision is successfully represented.

Further, you will gain the necessary skills and contacts to continue to develop and produce the shoe and expand into your own range. After the initial limited* sales to cover our own costs, your design belongs to you alone! There may be further opportunities to partner with us to help you sell, but equally we will help you go it alone with the skills and contacts from the experience.

*We have yet to work this out in pairs as it will depend largely on the final design, but as always we vow to be transparent with this when the time comes.


For everyone else, we open up the gates of access by unreservedly sharing all parts of the journey with the community that chose the design. We want to empower you with insights of everything from pattern making and material selection to costs and shipping, so stay tuned for plenty of blog updates in the weeks after we announce the winner.


The challenge for this competition will be to create an upper design on our community selected Vibram outsole. The PLUMP outsole, is moulded using Vibram’s Morflex EVA compound making it an extremely comfortable and lightweight foundation for your design. Of course you are free to sketch the outsole yourself, but we have also provided the below .pdf template and hi-res photos which can be downloaded from the #lacelesschallenge page on the website.

Aside from using the outsole, there are no limitations. We are confident that we can work alongside our manufacturing partner to create almost any design and we relish to the challenge of doing so.

Most importantly, we welcome designs from all backgrounds and abilities. Whether a paper sketch, a digital drawing or a 3D render, we believe a good idea is a good idea and encourage judging based solely on the concept.

Submissions can be made simply by posting your design on your Instagram account and tagging #lacelesschallenge


  • June 2018 - Competition open. Post your design on Instagram and #lacelesschallenge to enter. 30 days of design.

  • July 2018 - 2 rounds of intense head to head voting will whittle the concepts down from 20 to just 5. The final concept will be selected by our judging panel made of some of the industry’s best.

  • August 2018 - The winning concept is chosen! Development begins. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated every step of the way.

What are you waiting for? Let's open the gates of access together.

#lacelesschallenge and join the sneaker revolution!