Hi. We’re Mike and Dan, a couple of sneaker nuts, welcome to our blog! As well as talking, buying, wearing, collecting and trading sneakers, we also happen to work with them (in fact we have over 10 years experience designing and developing sneakers as part of major brands).

2 years ago we teamed up to launch @lacelessdesign, the number 1 Instagram community for sharing the work of aspiring and esteemed footwear designers. Over the last couple of years, we’ve noticed 2 things:

A. There are too many talented independent sneaker designers whose work goes no further the than paper (or computer) on which they are produced.

B. People are hungry for something new, original, engaging and free from the design and branding limitations of the big brands.

When there is a will, there's a way! We want to use our social space and industrial experience to produce open source footwear and ensure less of this incredible talent goes to waste. Over the next few weeks we aim to implement a platform that will give designers the opportunity to continue to create; learn from the community; develop their concepts; and ultimately have their designs produced and sold worldwide!

Watch this space to learn more, get involved and become part of the sneaker revolution.