Community Selected

We are convinced in the belief that the consumer drives the progression in the sneaker industry. So we created a project to validate that. As we speak hundreds of designers across the world are designing onto a bottom unit that the community chose, creating sneaker concepts that the consumer will choose… but how? #LACELESSCHALLENGE

The aim was simple, keep it simple. Use a platform where the consumer is, and create a competition on that platform that is as close to limitless that we can achieve.


We would repost 20 concepts over 4 weeks, 1 per weekday on our feed. The 5 concepts with the most likes will be put before our judging panel made of some of the industry’s best.


We listened. We listened to the community who were designing and to the consumer is voting. We had to ensure that the success of the design was based purely on the concept, not on Instagram algorithms. Therefore, we iterated the plan with a special thanks to @viditsinghchhikara. And it's a plan designed to put the concept at the forefront of the conversation, and to bring the consumer on a journey with their favourite concept. So here it is:

As before, to keep the journey exciting for all, we pre filter to 20, and let the community do the rest. We use Instagram stories: A place where you put one idea against another and the majority wins. A head to head knockout style tournament is created, giving the opportunity to line up concepts against each other at random and put it to the community to decide who goes through to the next stage. With each round we can allow further access to the design background and the designer, adding another layer of interest.

Staying close to our ethos, we continue to stay open to the community to shape how we progress consumer driven design. We are convinced that this new voting iteration increases access to all designers, and is more exciting for us all to follow! Make sure you keep up to date with the recent submissions to get a sneak preview of who could be in the finals!