#LACELESSCHALLENGE 2019 - The Future of 3D

As we begin producing our groundbreaking 3D concept, here is a recap of the collaborative process that got us here...


#LACELESSCHALLENGE is back and we've teamed up with two of the industry's biggest innovators to bring you an opportunity to redefine how footwear is imagined, designed and created. With our partners Ktech and Unisbrands, we can for the first time combine 3D knitting and 3D printing technologies to create a 3D, ZERO WASTE SNEAKER! To do this, we want to showcase the power of a truly collaborative process, utilising the skills of a talented community. Over the next month we will call out for you to progress the design and take the project from an idea to production!

In Short ...

WHY? To showcase the power of community driven footwear design.

WHAT? 2 BIG Innovations. 1 HUGE collab.

HOW? A community design process.​​

BRAINSTORMING After 120 ideas submitted, we now have a direction for our 3D, ZERO WASTE sneaker! After filtering down to a final 6, you voted for this daring concept by @sergey_karlin_.​

A floating silhouette protected and supported by a dramatic 2 part chassis. We love this contrast and interaction between the snug sock like upper and the robust 3D printed outsole cage.​​


​​After reviewing all of the requests, we invited @curtis_hadzicki to develop our design. Working with our suppliers, he has turned the idea into a functional reality.

From Sergey's direction, Curtis has worked out the original idea, whilst adding his own creative perspective with a lacing solution that utilises the benefits of both ​3D technologies. The chassis design is now supportive and compliments the new knitted pattern beautifully.


@artkhan_3d impressed us with a great portfolio and early renditions of our design, allowing him to pull of a lightning quick turn around!

Despite the early start, this was no easy feat. Blending the knit textures and creating the lattice structure in the outsole are among the hardest things to do in 3D. Ginan has created a realistic, snug and slender upper, whilst further exaggerating our dramatic bottom unit.


After seeing some sublime renders​ come in, we asked you ... and got one of our most engaged voting rounds of all time! 5 brilliant and diverse finalist renders were put head to head until this one by @bobby_ricci came out on top.​

Aside from the exceptional perspectives, lighting and texturing which makes this a great render, Bobby has progressed the design by honing in on the details. We can wait to implement the new lattice structure into the outsole and the knit textures in the upper. The tonal colour palette is both sophisticated and highly interesting.​​