Consumer Driven Design


We are convinced that the future of sneaker design is consumer driven.


Whilst large brands are stretching themselves desperately to stay relevant, the design community are developing brands with a cultural niche, creating brands which speak to a specific attitude, aesthetic or value set. All of us consumers like to feel an emotional connection to the products we buy and its this authenticity of the smaller brands that is driving a shift in the industry. With this shift, trends in the future may no longer be dictated by large brands and icons, but rather driven by niche brands who are born from the culture to whom they market their ideas. We look forward to a world where design doesn't chase culture, but is truly born from it.


What we see now is a rise of creator culture, the moment you post on Instagram you are creating content, and content inspires action. We are seeing increasing access to design tools that allow good ideas to be created and shared easier than ever before. But what’s next? In the sneaker industry we envisage a shift towards creators across the world uniting together to create bigger impact, sharing skills, sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing cultural influences. We cannot wait to see the shifts this collaboration will bring.

@lacelessdesign is the connection of these big industry shifts. It is a platform to represent designers with industry inspiring ideas, to elevate their work and their stories, to bring creators and their stories to the forefront of the conversation. It serves as a community where creators unite, to share opinion and to validate ideas with other designers and other consumers. We are on a journey to open the doors to true consumer driven design sneaker industry and invite you to follow it all the way.