Pull Over and 3D Printed Outsole

Pull Over and 3D Printed Outsole


This samplling package aims to realise both your concept upper and bottom unit, using our advanced 3D printing service. You will recieve:


  • Pattern drawing
  • Assembled pullover
  • 2D/3D outsole drawing
  • 3D printed outsole
  • Assumptions

    Samples are designed for presentation purposes only. Any performance requirements will be limited - we cannot include weatherproof membranes, performance rated outsoles or other such specialist features.

    Materials will be limited to what is available in our sample room - our team will attempt to match your requirements.

    All of our sample packages are based on existing Sample Shop lasts - select our Custom Last extra if you require something specific.

    In order to focus on design and materials, and look as good as possible on the first go, all of our samples are created in a triple white colourway - select our VR Images extra for colour renders.

  • Process and Delivery

    • Order confirmation - upload your concept according to "required info"
    • 1-3 days after order confirmation - design confirmation / any feedback from our team
    • 3 days after order confirmation - sample creation
    • 3 weeks after order confirmation - digital files sent and samples shipped
    • 3-4 weeks after order confirmation - samples delivered with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING